About Us

Established in 2015 by Western Australian fashion and textile designer Imogen Duxbury, DUXBURY is a contemporary Australian label dedicated to the creation of luxurious textiles and beautiful objects; and the coming together of those two things in unexpectedly beautiful ways.

 Designer Imogen Duxbury holds a degree in Fashion & Textile Design from Curtin University and was awarded a place in the university’s prestigious WA-Hyogo Banshu Textile Exchange Program. Since graduating, Imogen has worked as a freelance designer for three years, creating one-of-a-kind, memorable textiles for highly respected New Zealand fashion label SALASAI and its home wares label SALASAI Home, and Wolfgang & Sons.

 Now Imogen steps forward for the first time to launch her own, long-awaited label, DUXBURY, bringing with her the creative confidence and practical knowledge gained from years of experience in the field; as well as an endless imagination for prints, and the incredible artistic skill to bring inspirations and ideas to life. Imogen creates from a personal place; designing pieces that above all, she would desire to wear herself; thus giving her the confidence to put them into retail for others to invest in.

  In the near future; DUXBURY will extend its prints beyond scarves; crossing over into accessories, soft furnishing, bedding, wall hangings, and prints.