Ghosthand silk scarf


Digital print silk scarf.

100% silk crepe de chine.

2m x 1.4m square fully laid out.

This silk crepe de chine scarf features an original artwork created by DUXBURY, through an artistic process that combines digital college and handcrafted mix media. Each scarf design is treated as a piece of art, based on the designer’s preference for creating objects of value over market saturation. As such, each scarf is only available in a limited edition of ten. A uniquely engineered mix of graphic patterning and colour gradient allows the scarves to take on a sculptural form when worn. The large surface area of the scarf (which is larger than many other luxury scarves on the market) allows the owner indefinite versatility when it comes to styling on the body: the scarves are able to be wrapped, draped, tied, twisted, or folded, meaning they can be used as clothing or accessories. Alternately, Duxbury scarves can be framed for a unique and striking piece of wall art. This item comes luxuriously packaged in a black matte box wrapped in black neoprene cord.